Strength or Endurance?

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Strength or endurance? What should I focus on to make me successful?


Everyone seems to think that there is a “end-all-be-all” answer to this.  The answer, quite simply is this, both.  You need to be a well-rounded athlete. Strong, fast, durable and flexible.  The pipeline will break you if you’re not prepared. Don’t become another statistic.


A heavy dose of cardio and calisthenics mixed with some strength style lifts will serve you well as you earn your way deeper into the pipeline; your AFSOC test days or PST days will no doubt be your easiest days in the pipeline, these tests should be a walk in the park for anyone who is serious about making it through. When preparing, use the grad standards as your baseline, not the entry level PAST…even on your worst day, you should be able to knock out a 3mile run in under 21min, 1500m swim under 30, 20 pull-ups, 80 pushups, and 80situps…that’s the standard for any given day. Rain or shine.


The key to becoming excellent at these events is to break them down.  You will not get better at a PAST by doing a PAST every single day; I get it, you’re motivated and driven but you need to be smart about your approach. For your runs, break it down into sprints, lower your rest intervals.  If you want to lower your 3mile time, make up a workout that totals 3miles worth of sprints.  You can use this style for just about any event. The Tactical Athlete Program does an excellent job at showing you set/rep schemes as well as work/rest ratio’s. I encourage many to run through the program for the prescribed time and then use some of the techniques you learned to add into your own workout regimen; variety is always nice to have and keeps things from becoming mundane.


When I began training for the retrainee assessment it didn’t take too long for me to prepare for it…or so I thought.  There was no information on it, I didn’t know of anyone who had been to it, I just knew that I had to go to it if I wanted a shot at being a CCT.  I was big into lifting weights and I have always been pretty athletic, so I figured I’d just work on my calisthenics more and begin running for longer distances.  I really had no clue what I was getting into.  I knew it would be hard, but I didn’t know that it was going to be at the level that it was.  I was about a month into training for it and I finally met a guy who had just come back from the CRO/STO phase II who unfortunately didn’t get picked up for the job. He told me I needed to get in the pool ASAP and work on my water confidence. I hadn’t really been doing anything aside from lap swimming and how the hell do you train for “water confidence”?! So, I decided to work on my 25m underwater and reducing my rest times to make them more difficult as I got better.


I went into the assessment kind of blind, but very confident.  I did what was asked of me and constantly performed above what was required during the week-long assessment, despite the rigors associated with the course.  We started with 32 hopefuls and ended the week with only 6 remaining.  Out of the 6 that finished the week, only 3 of us were selected to continue on into the CCT pipeline, making me the first dental tech to ever step foot into the CCT pipeline.  Upon returning from the course, I quickly changed my training regimen and realized what hell awaited me for the next two years.  My background in weightlifting helped me push past what most couldn’t, and I accredit that to my obsession with deadlifts, seriously. That lift helped me in more ways than I could explain.  I kept that in my training regimen and shifted more of my focus towards ruck work and getting comfortable with being uncomfortable in the water.  My endurance wasn’t the best, but it wasn’t the worst and that’s why I harp on guys to get after that cardio work.  You need to have an efficient engine.  This is a marathon at a sprint pace, prepare accordingly.

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  • Is there a swim test for TACP? I saw the post a few days ago about the difference between TACP and CCT. Just looking for more information. Thanks, Love the Brand!

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