Mike's 8 Week Tactical Athlete Program

Mike's 8 Week Tactical Athlete Program

Don't let the title of the Tactical Athlete Program mislead you. This program is designed to teach you how to physically prepare for a career in SOF but it is not limited to only those. You will be training to not only pass but excel during evals and other rigors you can expect in a pipeline or any selection based course. This program covers everything from running, rucking, swimming, water confidence, weight lifting and calisthenics. If the career you are seeking doesn't include pool training, no big deal, it is altered to you and your goals. There is limited availability with this program since it is run only by former USAF CCT and owner of NFQ, Barrett. 


Recommended gear:

-Standard gym access

-Rucksack with hip straps capable of carrying 75+lbs (Alice, mystery ranch, and London bridge provide solid rucks.)

-Hiking boots, preferably with ankle support (Lowa, Salomon, and Rocky all provide great boots.)

If you would like pool workouts and water confidence, the following list is recommended:

-Aqualung high volume mask (any mask will be fine, but typically you will be using a high volume mask in your respective pipeline.)


-Neoprene booties (Mare provides good, affordable booties.  Do not get booties with zippers, they have a tendency to break.)

-Jet fins, not rocket fins.

-Pool access that allows you to hold your breath underwater.

Once purchased please send an email with your specific career goals to


We will promptly email you back to begin the process!